Donation Derby Fun!

It’s been a crazy busy month with my vacation, a trip to Ocala and Thanksgiving, so I haven’t had much time to blog. Now I’m off to California tomorrow for the USEA Convention and for a quick visit to L.A.!

But before that I was able to get Oh So out to the Loch Moy Donation Derby on Sunday.

I was super excited to ride Saturday, but after I fed him his breakfast and went to clean his legs up I realized he’d sprung a shoe! He lives out in a decent amount of mud and hasn’t lost a shoe for a very long time, and it was quite dry, so I was pretty upset.

Luckily the derby ran a second day, so if I could find a farrier to tack it back on I’d be OK.

I spent the day calling about 10 farriers with no luck, and by 4 p.m., I’d resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be going- a great way to cap a pretty horrible year of wasted money and disappointment as far as my riding goals.

But a local farrier came through in the end by some miracle at 5 p.m. and we got it back on!

There was open schooling before each level, but we basically used the time to warm him up on the flat, then popped over a few jumps. He was a little disconcerted by the people in Christmas costumes with bells jingling as the galloped around him!

The course seemed quite big to me in spots for novice, but I guess I’m just out of practice. It was a little weird going from show jumps to cross-country and back again, and I just felt a little rough. I can sometimes fall into my bad habits at shows, and with being so rusty, I didn’t sit upright as much as I could, and I ducked right a bit causing us to miss some leads. He seemed to always be on the wrong lead. I also didn’t keep a consistent rhythm to every jump, but it got better as we went along.

We’re still working on getting his right to left change on the flat, so the one time I asked on course I didn’t get it. He seems to have lost it naturally over time as he’s aged, although it’s always been easier left to right.

In the end, I think he had fun, and we ended up winning by being closest to the optimum time! We got a schooling pass to use at Loch Moy too, which basically meant we won our money back. Yay!


So as I cap off a pretty crappy year of not being able to compete much, I’m really thankful I got to do this and have this little accomplishment; a thing to hold on to until the spring where we can try again once the mud dries up!

I’ll have an extensive blog on my Europe trip soon, but until then, off to California!


Winding Down

I debated titling this post, “There Goes The Season,” or “What Season?” so please excuse the following whine session!

I was prepped and ready to go today to the only event this fall that I could get to, the Waredaca Starter Trials.

Between travel and making sure I felt absolutely ready as far as my ankles go, it just took us awhile to get to this point, and last night they decided to postpone to a weekend I’m not available due to the possibility of inclement weather (which didn’t start coming in until well after my ride times would have been today).

It’s been exceptionally dry this fall, so of course the one day I could get to an event it had to rain!

I’ve moved past the sad phase of what happened to me this year, and now I’m just mad–mad that it’s caused my whole year to go up in flames.

I spend my days interviewing people and writing about their amazing weekends, and it’s really starting to hurt that I can’t be out there competing and accomplishing things myself.

Of course I don’t know how long Oh So will last, so I’m living on borrowed time with him. Each day that ticks by I feel like I’m getting further away from ever being able to event or have a “season.”

Now we’re getting into winter, so the next opportunity to do an actual event won’t be until late March.

Thankfully we’ll soon have Loch Moy’s arena cross-country course set up, so I guess we’ll be schooling that a lot this season when the footing gets bad. They do have a Donation Derby in December so that’s my last chance of doing any kind of competition for the year.

I put together a video of our last few cross-country schoolings with a jump school at home thrown in for fun. I’m hoping we can get out and school a couple more times before the winter weather really sets in.

As usual, he’s always perfect, and the last few times even I’ve been OK!

Product Review: Weatherbeeta Kool Coat

2017-10-20 14.14.14
Please excuse the unflattering angle as I tried to take this photo solo!

On paper, the Weatherbeeta Kool Coat is a great idea, but sadly for me, the execution didn’t quite work.

I have an older version of what’s now known as the Kool Coat, but it has an attached neck that’s a bit short on Oh So, so I decided to try the updated version.

The reason I bought it originally was because I was looking for something halfway between a light sheet and a fly sheet to keep my horses clean after baths on warmish days but not cause them to sweat.

These days with Oh So living out, I was looking for those same features but to help keep him from bleaching too.

The new version definitely fits that bill, with the top half providing 90% UV protection by way of 270g polyester fabric that doesn’t seem very breathable and a bottom half of mesh to keep your horse cool.

2017-10-20 14.14.08

Unfortunately Oh So runs hot as a black horse, so above 65 degrees or so, and even this sheet was too much for him. My older version was fairly waterproof, but this one seems water resistant, although the description makes no claims either way.

The fit was true to size and featured a generous tail flap, something that I would love to keep Oh So’s tail from turning red in the summer! The neck cover was actually way too baggy on him, leaving a gap where the enclosures were, but the length was right (of course he does have a comically long neck!). The sheet has two buckle enclosures at the chest, and it fit quite high. I think for a thicker Warmblood it might make it even tighter around the base of the neck, and I can only bet that he would get shoulder rubs if he wore it more often.

2017-10-20 14.14.25
I can see the shoulder rubs forming as I speak!

There is a shoulder gusset, but it seems to sit a bit farther back on Oh So. But the biggest design flaw has to the be the single belly strap. It attaches under the blanket on both sides with a surcingle, and just taking the sheet off, putting it on a bench and picking it back up again cause the strap to work it’s way off.

I knew that wasn’t a good sign for turnout, and sure enough, when my friend checked Oh So on the first day I tried it a few hours after I left, she said it had shifted dramatically to the side. Unfortunately it’s white, and he had rolled, so I’m stuck with it!

I’m thinking this will be a good travel sheet to keep the dust off him, or something he can sleep in if he stays in the stall overnight before a show. I think with a few design changes it could work for certain horses in certain climates.

It retails for $69.95.


A Tale Of Two Shows

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken Oh So to two schooling dressage shows. We started with Morningside on Sept. 23, where we did First Level 2 and 3.

Unfortunately they were running behind, so I was probably on a bit too long, and it was hot! But he was OK with it and stayed quite calm. Luckily they were finished with the second ring by the time I went at the end of the day, so I was able to school in it before my test, which was really helpful for both of us.

Since I was the last ride of the day though, literally everyone was gone by the time I went in for my second test! It’s always something right? But he was extremely relaxed and rideable, so I was able to really go for it.

The judge really liked him, save for him being a bit behind the vertical at times. It’s hard for me to really feel that consistently unless I have someone on the ground or mirrors.

The judge was very impressed with how good he was despite all the horses being gone. We were literally the last trailer in the parking lot too!

Jennifer Ashley Photography photo.
Jennifer Ashley Photography photo.
Jennifer Ashley Photography photo.

This past weekend we went to a new venue for me, Compass Rose Farm in Haymarket, and rode the same two tests. They had a nice outdoor warm up ring and a Coverall ring, then a bit of a walk to the actual outdoor competition ring, so that was another good test. He tends to build if he has to stop work and get to the competition ring. There was also not a lot of space around the arena, like at Morven, so he could have gotten right with no room to make a circle and bend and keep his back soft, but he didn’t.


The ‘L’ judge was absolutely smitten with him, saying it was the best test she’d judged all day, if ever. I mean, we’re not exactly God’s gift to dressage, but I’ll take it! She said the thing she noticed the most was the harmony between us, which really meant a lot. As with many event horses, showing that harmony can be difficult at times!

Now I’m at Fair Hill for the weekend and looking towards the starter trial at Waredaca in a few weeks. We’ve had a couple of good jump and cross-country schoolings, so I’m feeling ready other than a little weak and painful in my right ankle, but that will get better with time.

I’m so excited to back in the show ring and to have some goals to work towards, and I think Oh So is too.

I had a lesson with Heidi last week before Compass Rose, and she had no complaints about any of our first level work, and I’m feeling a bit bored with it, so we’re going to push on with the second level work again now that we’re both fit enough.



Celebrating 10 Years With Oh So

This post is a little late, but here goes!

Ten years ago on Sept. 28 I drove out of Michelle and Dustin Craig’s barn with Oh So in tow. It’s been a life-changing experience to bring along my first OTTB, and he’s certainly taught me a lot about patience, being brave and most of all, living every day to the fullest, because after all, that’s how he got his name, Oh So Extreme. Everything he does is to the extreme.

He’s been there through the tough times and many life changes, and looking between his ears remains a privilege.

While he can sometimes get tense on the flat and I’ve certainly not helped him in the show jumping over the years, on cross-country he never says no, and that’s really what it’s all about in this sport. From the biggest drop I’ve ever seen to the skinniest angled brush, he relishes jumping and galloping, whether I’m ready to go or not!

While he still believes he should be jumping around prelim, Lisa and I must insist he take it easy as he gets older so he’ll stay sound and happy.

So, we’ll continue to compete as we can, even if it’s only at novice, and he’ll take it just as seriously. Like Lisa has always said, he’s a man on a mission!

Here are some of my favorite photos of us over the years.

Product Review: One Summer, Three Fly Sheets

With Oh So living out for the first time this summer and Thomas needing his own fly sheet, I’ve been researching the best kind for fit and price. Oh So has worn a Weatherbeeta fly sheet, similar to this Comfitec one for the past few years at home, but only occasionally since he lived in part of the day and because he’s black and sweated a lot.

Horseware Amigo Mio Fly Sheet

2017-06-26 18.02.27
Amigo Mio Combo Fly Sheet

I’d had an Amigo Mio Combo fly sheet for Sam that I brought with me for Oh So when I moved, and it had held up well over a few years, albeit not worn every day.

For the price, I decided to get Oh So his own when it finally kicked the bucket earlier this summer with a few tears in the attached neck and on the trim.

I bought the same model, but within a week of wearing it he’d torn the straps nearly off! I’m really disappointed because it is an affordable fly sheet and is fairly lightweight and soft, so he wasn’t sweating in it except on the hottest of days, at which point I usually don’t bother with a fly sheet anyways.

I’m not a huge fan of the attached neck since it was a little short on his absurdly long neck and I’d rather be able to pick a size, but otherwise it was easy to put on with cross belly straps and two buckles on the front, plus two velcro enclosures on the neck. The tail cover was long enough to give lots of protection.

If your horse is rough on his clothing or lives out 24/7 this might not be the best choice but on the surface it seems like a good value for the money.


WeatherBeeta Bug Beeta Fly Sheet

Photo Aug 11, 6 23 40 PM
WeatherBeeta Bug Beeta Fly Sheet

I’ve had decent luck with my older WeatherBeeta fly sheet so I decided to try the Bug Beeta Detach-A-Neck fly sheet, which looked very lightweight online.

I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money, so this one fit the bill for Thomas. The photo above is the sheet right out of the packaging. It looks a little stiff, but it’s extremely lightweight. The shoulders are lined to prevent rubbing, although after wearing it continuously for a few weeks he did end up getting rubs.

The belly band is nice since he’s been getting eaten alive on his midline. The only complaint Thomas has is that if you go to pull it forward and adjust when it’s already on, like I tend to do when I’m out visiting him in the field, his hair sticks up through the mesh and pulls forward, which is super uncomfortable. I’ve now been bitten in the side for my efforts!

He hasn’t damaged the sheet so far, but he’s the alpha in the field so I’m guessing no one’s going to try to nip at him. Since it is so lightweight I would have expected it to rip faster than the Amigo sheet, but it’s still kicking! I’m not sure I can recommend this one for horses who play rough. Try at your own risk!

Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose Fly Sheet

Of all things, I entered a contest on Equiratings’ Facebook page and won this fly sheet! Thanks Equiratings and Horseware Ireland!

This is a pretty amazing fly sheet. It’s made from an anti-rip material that’s self-healing, so if your horse gets a stick or something in it, it will mold back to form. Very cool!

The Vamoose technology means the sheet is pre-treated with permethrin to help repel flies. It’s good for 35 washings.

The sheet has an extra wide belly band with the three straps, which were a little complicated and time consuming, but it definitely keeps the gnats away.

Photo Jul 06, 6 31 55 PM

The neck cover was long enough for Oh So, but was a little loose, but it’s detachable and has a mane liner to prevent rubs. The tail cover was extra long and had a little loop on the underside to pull his tail through.

The front V enclosure will be familiar to those with Rambo blankets, and there are leg arches to help with movement.

Unfortunately after wearing the sheet for about a week continuously, Oh So started getting rubs. I think it’s partly due to his narrow-chested conformation, but he doesn’t get such immediate rubs wearing his Rambo blankets so I was a little surprised. Combined with the material, which seems a bit heavier than the other sheets I’ve tried, and this is an “occasional” sheet for us, despite it being my favorite.

It’s also a bit pricey, but with all the technology put into it and the durability, I think it’s well worth it as an investment.

Photo Jul 06, 6 32 03 PMPhoto Jul 06, 6 33 45 PM

As much as I would love Oh So and Thomas to live in fly sheets all summer to prevent bleaching and getting bit by horse flies, I think the reality of living out 24/7 is that sometimes it’s just too hot and they’re inevitably going to get rubs! But if I had to recommend one sheet it would be the Rambo. It’s durable and covers all areas, which I think are the two priorities of a fly sheet.

Products I’m Loving Right Now

As I’ve written before, I’m a product junkie, horse and human! Here are a few items I’ve been loving this year.

Photo Apr 17, 5 52 36 PM (1)
Oh So loves his Frilly Fillies bonnet.

Frilly Fillies Bonnet

I was late to the party on the custom ear bonnet trend, but I finally bought one for Oh So this spring in our cross-country colors. I can’t say it’s something I needed for showing, but it does spice up our simple black and white dressage outfit and makes us look cool on cross-country! I’m not huge of glitter, so I went with a shimmery white thread on the red trim.

I’ve used the bonnet a few times so far, and it washes easily by hand and comes nice and clean. The thread is quite soft and the ears are made of a stretchy fabric that is custom fit to your horse’s ear size.

They have every color combination imaginable, and you can get logos stitched on too. They range from $85-$110. Now the fun is picking out one for when Thomas is ready to show!


Officinalis Avocado Gel Soap

I’d never heard of this European brand before, so while ordering from, I added this saddle soap to my cart. It’s a liquid with a mild sweet scent. It absorbs quickly as advertised and is made from natural ingredients.

I like to wipe my boots and bridles off after riding, and this has made for a good daily cleaner. It doesn’t soap up too much, which I appreciate for a quick wipe down of my bridles. The soap retails for $11.


Officinalis Dry Shampoo

I’m always down to try another dry shampoo. I love using them on days when I’m just grooming or when my horse’s are just a little damp under the saddle.

Officinalis has several versions of their dry shampoo, including Blueberry and Blackberry for dark coated horses, Chamomile for grey horses and stains or for horses that need a skin-soothing topical, Lavender with soothing and antibacterial properties, Rose for chestnuts and bays, and Sage, another for itchy, flaky skin that can help repel insects.

I love the scents, and they leave my horses as clean as they can be without a bath! They retail for $16.


Shires Satin Anti-Rub Bib

A co-worker turned me on to this alternative for guarding against blanket rubs. Living out for the first time this winter, Oh So has a narrow chest and shoulders and Thomas has a wide chest and shoulders, and the both got blanket rubs with Weatherbeeta and Rambo blankets, and with the traditional stretchy shoulder guards.

I was skeptical that these would stay in place with just the small tab that the chest buckle goes through, but lo and behold, these things shifted less than my other should guards that attach under the chest and belly!

Oh So and Thomas already had mild shoulder rubs when I tried these halfway through winter, but the rubs definitely did not get any worse, so I think they’re a keeper!

They’re easily washable and less prone to getting soiled than the other brands. While they’re not made of a breathable fabric, I’m wondering if I might try them under my fly sheets on days it’s not deathly hot. They retail for about $13, which is also cheaper than the stretchy ones!


Kastel Denmark Sunshirts

I’ve tried a lot of sun shirts over the last couple of years, and Kastel’s Charlotte Signature shirts are my absolute favorite. While they’re quite pricey at $75 each, I’ve never paid that price because I monitor their site for summer clearance sales. They’ll also put some products on Ebay where you can get a shirt for $25-$35.

The fabric actually feels cooling, and dries quickly, and the mesh under the sleeves is great for ventilation. I’m a huge fan of color blocking too, so I love the color combinations they have. I’m waiting for the above shirt to go on sale because I’ve had a hard time finding a true red and black technical fabric shirt for cross-country!

They feature antibacterial odor reduction in the fabric, and I definitely smell less when I drive home from the barn!

I wear these on assignment and for riding as long as it’s not 90 degrees and humid. At that point, any type of long sleeve shirt is too much for me!

My only nitpick is that I purchased a short sleeve version for the first time this year, and it didn’t fit as true to size as the long sleeved ones. In fact, the cuffs on the sleeves fit me quite tight. I would recommend sizing up in the short sleeve version. I love the full zip version too, but it looks like they might be phasing those out. Sad face!