My name is Lindsay Berreth. I currently live in Leesburg, Va. I  graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Communications in May 2010 with a concentration in journalism and I’ve been a staff writer for The Chronicle of the Horse magazine in Middleburg, Va., since 2012. I decided to start a blog to post samples of my work, as well as chronicle my life, which I think is kind of unique. I have four interests; horses, music, travel and photography.

I have been eventing since 2002, but I’ve ridden horses all of my life. I recently moved from keeping my horses at home to a boarding barn in Leesburg. I have 4 of my own horses, and my mom has one. I’m currently keeping two in Leesburg while my retired horse and minis live at home.

I have been going to concerts since I was 16 in the Md/Va/DC area. I’ve traveled everywhere from Baltimore to Norfolk for shows. I haven’t attended as many shows as I’d like to in recent years, but concert photography and music remain a passion.

I am a self-taught photographer, and I’ve worked for GRC Photography on many weekends shooting horse shows. I feel like photography brings together my two very different interests in horses and music. I’m also interested in history, England (I’m an anglophile!), makeup and beauty (I spend way too much money at Sephora) and television and movies.

National and Regional Eventing Awards

  • 2nd place 2013 USEA Area 2 Adult Amateur Preliminary Rider
  • 2nd place 2013 CDCTA Adult Amateur Preliminary Rider
  • 2nd place 2012 USEA Area 2 Adult Amateur Preliminary Rider
  • 1st place 2012 CDCTA Adult Amateur Preliminary Rider
  • 2nd place 2011 USEA Adult Amateur Training Rider
  • 5th place 2011 USEA Adult Training Rider
  • 2nd place 2011 USEA Area 2 Adult Amateur Training Rider
  • 1st place 2011 CDCTA Adult Amateur Training Rider
  • 3rd place 2006 USEA Senior Training Rider of the Year award
  • 2nd place 2006 Waredaca Training 3-Day
  • 4th place 2006 Area II Training Rider year-end standings
  • Completed 2006 American Eventing Championships at Training level
  • 2004 American Hanoverian Society Novice Eventing National Champion
  • 8th place 2003 USEA Area II Junior Training year-end standings
  • 9th place 2002 USEA Junior Novice Rider year-end standings


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Rainey Sealey

    Hi Lindsay,
    I saw you mentioned taking a dramatic photo of me falling off at Fair Hill in 2001 and wondered if there was any way I could get a copy from you?
    Let me know….
    Rainey Sealey

  2. Liz

    in your event travels.. have you found any ‘cure’ for a horse sticking his tongue out? it really messes up my dressage scores.. I have tried , bits, butters, chews, tie downs etc etc etc.. i get an A for effort.. she is an 8 yo Arab Hanoverian mare,, sparky and brave. get s the job done.. but all i ask is 4 minutes for a f-in dressage test.. thanks for any input

    1. I had a Hanoverian mare who used to stick her tongue out. We tried wrapping a Fruit Roll Up on the bit and that seemed to help sometimes. I often found that it went in when my half halt really went through and she was completely through and over her back. If it came out during a test, I usually just got marked down a little bit for submission.

  3. Morgyn

    Hi Lindsay,
    This is very random but I saw somewhere that you had taken pictures at Surefire in 2010. Would you happen to still have those photos and if so any of someone named Gabby Doyle? Thank you so much!!

  4. Hi Lindsay!
    I work in the Marketing Office at Morven Park and am interested in usage of a photo you took at our 2018 Fall Horse Trials. I believe the photo was provided to the USEA by you. Can you email me your number or an email address so that we can chat off line about it? Much appreciated!

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