What the Heck “Sam”

I bought Sam in 2003. He was a 16.2hh Irish TB gelding. I got him from an adult amateur who was working with Phillip Dutton. He’s by Babamist and was bred and raised at Bruce Davidson’s farm in Pa. When I got him, he had gone advanced and done quite a few long format three-day events. He was a difficult show jumper, and one of my favorite accomplishments was our 2006 season, where we jumped almost every round clear.

Photo courtesy of GRC Photo.

He struggled with soundness issues throughout his life. He had OCD’s removed from his hocks, and as a result developed arthritis. I also dealt with his less-than-ideal feet. But, through it all, he was a wonderful schoolmaster. I learned to get every ounce out of him over show jumps, and jumped quite a few prelim and training tracks. It was fun to ride a horse who clearly enjoys cross country. I always knew I’d come home safely with him.

He might not have been the fanciest mover or jumper, but he was fairly steady and we had some good competitions over the years. He retired from eventing because he strained his front check ligaments in 2009. I kept him going with flatwork and light jumping up until late 2013 when his arthritis became a bit too much, even just trail riding. We euthanized Sam in April 2018 at age 23 due to severe arthritis in his knee.

Here is a blog I wrote for USEA that I think conveys my relationship with Sam over the years.

Here is a link to my Facebook album of competition photos by GRC Photography.

Notable Results:

1st – MD Horse Trials 2008 (Training)

1st – VA Horse Trials 2006 (Prelim)

2nd – Waredaca Training 3-Day Event 2006

Past Performances:

Morven Park Benefit Show Feb 2011 (Second Level Test 2)

Morven Park Benefit Show Jan 2011 (Second Level Test 1)

Morven Park Benefit Show Nov. 2010 (Second Level test 1)

Morvcn Park Benefit Show Nov 2010 (First Level test 4)

Bayberry dressage schooling show (First Level Test 3)

Bayberry dressage schooling show (First Level Test 4)

Cedar Run schooling show (First Level Test 4)

Cedar Run schooling show (First Level Test 3)

Homestead Farm schooling show (First Level Test 4)

Homestead Farm schooling show (First Level Test 3) June 2010

Morven Park schooling show April 2010

Morven Park schooling show March2010 (Training)

Our last event together at Morven Park. March 2009. (Training)

VA Horse Trials 2007. (Prelim)

MD HT July 2008. (Training)

SureFire HT June 2008. (Training)

Campbell Spring Farms schooling show 2008. (Training)

Morven Park HT March 2007 (Training)

Virginia HT November 2006 (Prelim)

Waredaca Training Three-Day Event October 2006

American Eventing Championships September 2006 (Training)

CDCTA HT June 2006 (Training)

Waredaca HT June 2006 (Training)

Loudon Hunt HT April 2006 (Training)

Southern Pines HT March 2006 (Training)

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