We Made It To A Recognized Event! Loudoun Recap

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GRC Photo

It was looking iffy that we would make it to the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials last week with Oh So having time off for his injury and losing some riding time, plus tons of rain the week before, but I’m happy to say we made it!

I walked the course on Saturday evening because Morven Park is literally five minutes from my house! The footing looked a bit deep in spots, especially at crossings, and I thought for sure Lisa would say we shouldn’t run, so I mentally prepared for the disappointment of just doing a combined test. To be honest, having not done a recognized event at any level for nearly two years, even some of the novice tables looked kind of big to me!

He stayed in overnight to keep clean, and I was there bright and early the next morning to braid, which I also haven’t done for awhile!

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Morningside Combined Test

I finally got out and about this past weekend after Oh So came up with a terrible skin allergy after I got back from The Fork. It took a week for his legs to go down and be less sensitive and I feel like I could have gotten more on top of it sooner and made it to the original CT I was entered in on April 13.

So after a missed lesson and gallop, we were back in business last week. I decided to give him a longer warmup for dressage at Morningside because he hadn’t been out in awhile. He was actually very spooky, which is not usual for him. In general, he was tense and I think this week at Loudoun I’ll try posting the trot for most of the warmup to see if I can keep his back relaxed.

I thought he held it together for the canter work in the test, but the trot work wasn’t the best. We ended up with a 35.5, which is not what we’re capable of, so that was frustrating. He could be scoring in the 20s if he just let go mentally a little bit. I’m not sure what else I can do on my part at this point. We’ve only been doing this for 5 years.

The jumping warmup at Morningside is pretty far away from the ring and it’s on grass. Because of the large amount of rain we had the day before, I decided to warmup on the track, which is actually worse. There’s only room for a cross rail and a vertical and you can’t really come off a turn to them.

As a result, our actual round was pretty inconsistent. I rode slightly backwards to a couple of the fences, but he kept jumping and trying and we actually had a clear round. I think I’m letting the fact that I don’t have another horse to practice on get to me. I need a way to strengthen my lower leg out of the saddle too and I’m finding it hard to do.

So, not the show that I wanted, but onwards to Loudoun this weekend. I’m bummed to be missing Rolex when it seems like everyone but me is there, but I’ve got an awesome horse and I get to go cross-country this weekend, so I can’t complain!