A Quick Bear Update

On this horrible, rainy afternoon when I was supposed to be taking Bear to his first cross-country schooling, I’m stuck inside instead. When will this horrible weather ever end?

Lisa and I found an indoor to go to today instead but when I brought Bear in to get ready, he’d pulled a shoe in the insane mud we have. Ahhh! I want to scream.

I’m itching to get out of the ring and to start taking Bear to some shows, and I feel so behind at this point.

OK, rant over. I was able to get to a lesson on Friday at an indoor and he was quite good. We bumped up the fences to close to beginner novice height and he had no problems.

I had my dad video a flat lesson last week and a jump school I did at home, so here’s a short video.

I’m off to The Fork this week, and I’m hoping it will be drier!

A Winter Chill

2013-12-09 07.46.05

We’ve had a quick bout of nasty weather here in Virginia that’s made life a little difficult for getting Oh So out for his walks. He’d been going out for about four hours a night, but the last couple of days I’ve been reduced to just putting a flake of hay on the ground in his paddock and holding him for an hour since it’s been so muddy.

I’m crossing my fingers for good news and counting down the days until his next ultrasound on the 23rd.

Bear had a good lesson two weekends ago (we skipped this weekend due to the weather). We set up a three stride line that ended up being four since we trotted in. It was just a cross rail to a panel, but we cantered the second fence, so that was kind of neat.

We also trotted in to a one-stride of cross rails. At first he was a little tentative and wiggly in between, but once we did it a couple of times, he got the idea.

The flatwork is coming and he’s starting to accept the bit and come a round and push through more consistently. His lunging is coming better now that I’m using the rope, and I try to do it twice a week. It seems to help him come over his back better and his trot is then better once I get on.

On the ground, we’ve done some more trailer practice and he starting to go on better with only some encouragement from a person behind him. I’ve also been playing with the clippers on his body, but he’s still a little tentative about them being near his ears.

I’ve also started to put him in the cross ties in the aisle way instead of the wash stall when I’m done riding and he’s less fidgety.

Here’s a short video of some highlights of our lesson last week. It’s a little tough to see because of the lights, but hopefully you’ll get the idea!