Things I’m Loving In December

It’s been a quiet fall for me as far as trying new products goes, but I’ve come up with a few that I’ve really been loving recently.

Professional’s Choice Ventech Monoflap Girth


I was on the hunt for a new monoflap for Oh So’s jumping saddle when I realized his old Ovation one was wearing a bit. I prefer synthetic girths for eventing because they’re easier to keep clean, and this one has a durable outer TPU shell that’s easily wipeable. It has a neoprene liner that’s super soft, and it’s a bit wider to distribute pressure better than my older one. So far Oh So seem’s to like it! I bought one for my dressage saddle too.

Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap


Why yes, I do want my saddle soap to smell like a Bath and Body Works! I’d never heard of this brand until I got the cinnamon roll scent in my December A Horse Box. How festive! It’s too bad it takes me so long to go through saddle soap because they have other amazing flavors like cotton candy and candy cane that I really want to try.

I thought it was quite moisturizing and a little went a long way. It easily foamed up and did a good job cleaning my tack and leaving a nice sheen.

The brand also makes scented horse shampoo, which is like my dream come true! I think I’ll be picking up some of that for the summer.


I had the chance to test two different kinds of Unbelts for Untacked’s Jan/Feb issue. Check out my review here. I’m definitely loving the Intrepid more than my C4 for it’s stretchiness!

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One thought on “Things I’m Loving In December

  1. that saddle soap looks great. I hate the smell of saddle soap and cleaners and have been turned off using some expensive stuff just cause of the smell. I will have to look for this kind. I would prefer my tack smell like Bath and Body too šŸ™‚ HA that belt looks interesting too!

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