Things I’m Loving In May

2018-05-21 18.55.59

Rambo Plus Fly Mask

Oh So has decided this year that he can’t simply be bothered to wear a fly mask, so I’ve been trying a couple of different brands hoping to find one that will stay on.

I thought for sure the Rambo Plus Fly Mask would be “the one,” but alas, he got it off too! Maybe it’s because he knows he looks so silly in it? Either way, I still like the mask, no matter how dorky it makes him look. You’d think the raised eye area would alleviate any irritation around his eyes and ensure he wouldn’t try to rub it off, but nope! But I still like that it doesn’t sit so close to his eyes. With other fly masks I’m concerned about trapping dirt so close to his eyes when he rolls in mud and it crusts on.

The mask has a detachable nose cover, which I took off when I bought it, but it’s a great idea for horses that tend to sunburn.

The mask runs a bit large, so he wears the cob size. Even then, the ears are a bit large, but it seems it was designed that way. It has two Velcro enclosures under the jaw, one that slips through a keeper and attaches back to itself, but that didn’t help keep it any more secure on him.

I honestly like the fly mask despite that. I think he’s having some help in the field from his friends, so I can’t place the blame on the fly mask!

EDITED TO ADD: After the first day of trying the mask it has stayed on ever since! I think I just needed to find the right tightness under his jaw.


Grand Champion Fly Repellent and Show Ring Shine

I got a full size bottle of this with my latest A Horse Box, and I’m glad I did because I was really curious about it.

I like to keep a bottle of fly spray in the trailer, and this is perfect since I can use it as a touch up at shows.

I sprayed it on Oh So this weekend at a dressage show and was immediately blinded by the shine! Wow. It’s an aerosol spray, and the directions say to wipe or brush it into the coat.

It’s made with citronella and lanolin for a soft, shiny coat and pyrethins for fly control.

The spray has a pleasant citronella scent, and seemed to keep the flies at bay for a while.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 21.24.37

Joules Official Badminton Women’s T-Shirt

I picked up this shirt at Badminton, but you can get it online. What’s better than a stylish eventing T-shirt? I love stripes, and that’s Joules’ signature. They had it displayed with an olive green jacket, and I loved the way it was styled, so I’m going to try it with one I have that’s similar when the weather cools down again.

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