Things I’m Loving In April

A lot of blogs I read have monthly posts about products they’ve been enjoying, so I thought I’d try it out! I am definitely a product junkie, both horse and human, so I’m going to try to feature a few items here each month and do quick, mini reviews.

Here goes!


ROMFH Champion Breeches

When I passed by a tack store trailer at the Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival this winter, I paused to take a look at a rack of colorful ROMFH breeches. I think I owned a tan pair back in the day, but it’s been awhile since I’ve bought anything from the brand.

I got super inspired by the bright colors, but realized that most of them were the brands’ pricier models. But as I was searching online I came across the more affordable Champion breeches.

They come in more conservative colors, and I’d been looking for a new pair of schooling breeches that I could wear to lessons and not offend my trainers, so the slate blue called me name. They’re $129, which for the quality I think is a very good deal. I do love the lower priced SmartPak Piper breeches, but I’ve been wearing through the crotch/upper thighs on those pretty quickly with certain colors, which is super disappointing.

The Champion breeches are mid-rise, so they don’t require a belt like the Pipers do, and the material is thin enough for summer riding, and also seems to be stain, dirt and water resistant. After I give Oh So a bath or brush him when he’s muddy, the water dries quickly on the breeches and the dirt wipes off.

They have side pockets, which takes some getting used to since I usually put my phone in the back pockets of my Pipers, but overall, I really love them and would like to get a tan pair for showing.

2018-04-21 11.00.12.jpg

Leovet Cellsius Gel

Leovet is a German brand that’s relatively new to the U.S. market. Smartpak carries several of their horse care items, and Dover has a limited selection of items.

I like to use liniment on Oh So’s legs, especially after jumping, and I’m always looking for the next best thing that doesn’t make my hands tingly. Inevitably I’ll touch my face after I’ve applied!

Cellsius Gel contains witch hazel, frankincense resin, arnica and rosemary to cool the tendons, ligaments and muscles, and it isn’t tingly! It also doesn’t really have a strong smell like some liniments can.

The product is formulated with a water bonding technology, so it’s meant to be put on wet legs. It’s easy to apply and when the legs dried, I didn’t find any residue.

2018-04-21 10.59.57.jpg

EquiGroomer Water Wisk

This simple tool from the makers of EquiGroomer (which I reviewed for Untacked recently) is a great little sweat scraper. The rubber blade makes it super easy to squeeze water off the legs, but works well on the body too.

2018-04-21 10.59.45.jpg

Epona Super Brush Scrubber

Just as the name implies, this tool is for scrubbing your brushes; basically a mini wash board. After I soak my brushes in soapy water for 20 minutes, I run them up and down this and watch the dirt wash away.

2018-04-21 10.15.29.jpg

 2018-04-21 10.18.46.jpg

Haas Express Stiff Brush and Haas Wash Stiff Brush

You’d think trying to create a new kind of horse brush would be like trying to reinvent the wheel, but German brand Haas has done that with these two nifty brushes.

The Express Stiff Brush has rubber bristles that make it great for getting hair off saddle pads. The company says it can be useful during shedding season, but I tried many other products that I liked better to get hair off. It can also be used to get caked mud off.

The Wash Stiff Brush has longer outer synthetic bristles. The body of the brush is waterproof and shatter resistant in case you drop it during bath time. Oh So is not a huge fan of stiff brushes, so I mostly use this to get mud off his pasterns, but it’s great for really getting a deep down clean during a bath.

2018-04-21 10.16.17.jpg

Epona Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer

Ever wish your horse could be as clean as your cat? Epona’s Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer is meant to mimic a cat’s tongue. It’s a soft, spongy material that expands when you take it out of the package.

It can be used to remove caked mud, clean white leg markings, clean and buff hoof walls, erase dried sweat marks and stimulate the skin and muscles. It can also be used to clean dirty bits or water troughs.

I did like how it removed dried sweat marks, but since Oh So is still shedding a bit, it was a bit messy to clean off once I groomed him with it. It’s definitely soft though, which he always appreciates, especially on his head.

I’m not sure if you’re meant to use it wet or what the shelf life is, but it’s a cheap enough thing to have on hand, even if it is disposable.

2018-04-21 09.53.46.jpg

Leovet Silkcare Shampoo

This a just a simple shampoo with a clean scent. The texture is a bit jelly-like, and I was able to mix it with water or use it directly with no issues. It contains no artificial ingredients, mostly silk proteins and amino acids.

2018-04-21 09.54.16.jpg

Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Shampoo-Filled Sponge

I seem to get one of these every few months from my A Horse Box, and this month it was the Lemon Meringue scent! Great for quick baths or travel.

2018-04-21 09.54.23.jpg

No Thrush! Thrush Treatment

Hooray, I never have to use any messy purple or green thrush treatments again! I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t seem to leave the barn without some sort of stain on me, the floor or the bottle? Then there’s the holding the foot up and waiting for it to dry…

This powder formula is super easy, and can also be used to threat rain rot and fungus on the coat. I haven’t had that issue for awhile, but for thrush treatment, you just dust it on the foot and brush it in. Easy, peasy. I used it when his foot was a bit wet, and it turned into a paste, which also stayed in place.







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