Winding Down

I debated titling this post, “There Goes The Season,” or “What Season?” so please excuse the following whine session!

I was prepped and ready to go today to the only event this fall that I could get to, the Waredaca Starter Trials.

Between travel and making sure I felt absolutely ready as far as my ankles go, it just took us awhile to get to this point, and last night they decided to postpone to a weekend I’m not available due to the possibility of inclement weather (which didn’t start coming in until well after my ride times would have been today).

It’s been exceptionally dry this fall, so of course the one day I could get to an event it had to rain!

I’ve moved past the sad phase of what happened to me this year, and now I’m just mad–mad that it’s caused my whole year to go up in flames.

I spend my days interviewing people and writing about their amazing weekends, and it’s really starting to hurt that I can’t be out there competing and accomplishing things myself.

Of course I don’t know how long Oh So will last, so I’m living on borrowed time with him. Each day that ticks by I feel like I’m getting further away from ever being able to event or have a “season.”

Now we’re getting into winter, so the next opportunity to do an actual event won’t be until late March.

Thankfully we’ll soon have Loch Moy’s arena cross-country course set up, so I guess we’ll be schooling that a lot this season when the footing gets bad. They do have a Donation Derby in December so that’s my last chance of doing any kind of competition for the year.

I put together a video of our last few cross-country schoolings with a jump school at home thrown in for fun. I’m hoping we can get out and school a couple more times before the winter weather really sets in.

As usual, he’s always perfect, and the last few times even I’ve been OK!

2 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. ugh what a bummer about not being available on the rain date…. esp considering it really wasn’t actually that bad yesterday — just lots of drizzle for most of the day. ugh. like you tho i’m hopeful for winter opportunities to get out and about, and earned myself a free schooling pass to loch moy from volunteering that expires in march so…. gotta make something happen!

    1. Yeah, thank goodness for Loch Moy! We used to try to get out to Gordonsdale to school in the winter if the weather and footing was OK, but that didn’t happen very often. Now we can school whenever we want!

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