Product Review: Weatherbeeta Kool Coat

2017-10-20 14.14.14
Please excuse the unflattering angle as I tried to take this photo solo!

On paper, the Weatherbeeta Kool Coat is a great idea, but sadly for me, the execution didn’t quite work.

I have an older version of what’s now known as the Kool Coat, but it has an attached neck that’s a bit short on Oh So, so I decided to try the updated version.

The reason I bought it originally was because I was looking for something halfway between a light sheet and a fly sheet to keep my horses clean after baths on warmish days but not cause them to sweat.

These days with Oh So living out, I was looking for those same features but to help keep him from bleaching too.

The new version definitely fits that bill, with the top half providing 90% UV protection by way of 270g polyester fabric that doesn’t seem very breathable and a bottom half of mesh to keep your horse cool.

2017-10-20 14.14.08

Unfortunately Oh So runs hot as a black horse, so above 65 degrees or so, and even this sheet was too much for him. My older version was fairly waterproof, but this one seems water resistant, although the description makes no claims either way.

The fit was true to size and featured a generous tail flap, something that I would love to keep Oh So’s tail from turning red in the summer! The neck cover was actually way too baggy on him, leaving a gap where the enclosures were, but the length was right (of course he does have a comically long neck!). The sheet has two buckle enclosures at the chest, and it fit quite high. I think for a thicker Warmblood it might make it even tighter around the base of the neck, and I can only bet that he would get shoulder rubs if he wore it more often.

2017-10-20 14.14.25
I can see the shoulder rubs forming as I speak!

There is a shoulder gusset, but it seems to sit a bit farther back on Oh So. But the biggest design flaw has to the be the single belly strap. It attaches under the blanket on both sides with a surcingle, and just taking the sheet off, putting it on a bench and picking it back up again cause the strap to work it’s way off.

I knew that wasn’t a good sign for turnout, and sure enough, when my friend checked Oh So on the first day I tried it a few hours after I left, she said it had shifted dramatically to the side. Unfortunately it’s white, and he had rolled, so I’m stuck with it!

I’m thinking this will be a good travel sheet to keep the dust off him, or something he can sleep in if he stays in the stall overnight before a show. I think with a few design changes it could work for certain horses in certain climates.

It retails for $69.95.


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