Product Review: Favorite Bathing Essentials

I’ve been trying out a few new products this summer from Pony Tails Products and Equifuse after liking what I tried for a recent issue of Untacked. Next on my list will be some more Ecolicious products, but for now, here are my thoughts!

Pony Tails Bubbles and Bucks Conditioning Shampoo


After trying Pony Tails’ conditioning shine spray, I decided to try a few more products from the brand. Bubbles and Bucks conditioning shampoo is a lightly soap-scented milky product that definitely has the consistency of a conditioner.

Oh So doesn’t get dry skin, but I think this would be a good choice for a horse that does.

Pony Tails Foam and Frolic Soap-Infused Sponge


When I first saw this soap-infused sponge, I thought, “Why?” But now that I’ve used it, I can definitely see how it could be useful.

The Foam and Frolic sponge is hard in the package, but once you get it wet it lathers up quite nicely. It’s meant to last about 3 washes, and that’s what I got out of it before it started to lack lather.

It got Oh So clean enough, but I don’t think it would replace my normal shampoo. I felt a little weird putting a wet and soapy sponge away in my bucket to dry again. I think it would be easy to use for away shows when you want a quick clean up or to use after cross-country as you’re cooling your horse out.

Pony Tails Mane Stay Styling Spray


I was on the hunt for a new braiding aid after years of using QuicBraid. To be honest, the scent of QuicBraid holds a lot of memories for me, mostly of braiding Oh So at 4 in the morning before one of our prelim events, sick to my stomach with nerves! It’s amazing how much the scent affects me!

I also found QuicBraid a little sticky, but I think I’ve found my new replacement with Pony Tails’ Mane Stay.

It’s got a pleasant scent and gave me enough grip to braid without leaving my fingers feeling gross.

My hair’s not long enough to do much braiding, but this can also be used as a styling spray for humans.

The bottle is not super-convenient for hanging on my braiding belt, but that’s just a small nitpick!

Pony Tails Show Pony Shine High Gloss Serum


I’ve been a die-hard Cowboy Magic Detangler user for the cost and quality, but I really liked Pony Tails gloss serum. It’s a little pricier than Cowboy Magic, but I liked how light it was. Most serums contain silicones that can make the mane and tail greasy, especially if you put in too much, but it was hard to go overboard with this. It contains natural oils that help detangle and give a soft shine without the slickness.

Equifuse Coolout

2016-07-03 14.05.51

Ever wanted a dry shampoo for your horse? I love dry shampoo for my fine hair as a mid-day volumizer and refresher, so I figured I’d try it for my horse to absorb excess oil and sweat. Equifuse’s Coolout is a light, airy white powder that you sprinkle on sweaty spots after you ride. After letting it sit for a couple of minutes, you brush and curry the spots, and voila! No more saddle marks.

An anti-bacterial agent is meant to help stave off any skin conditions. I’ll be curious to try this when mud season comes around again.

This is perfect for those cooler summer days when just a hack or light ride means you don’t need a full rinse–a plus when repeated daily baths can destroy feet in the dry months. A light touch is needed or your horse will be white!

Equifuse CFS Concentrate + Paste Horse Shampoo and Equifuse Rehydrinse 1-Step Coat Protector + Conditioner

2016-07-02 12.05.12

After trying Equifuse’s Shine Spray for Untacked, I decided to try a couple more of their bathing products. They’re a little pricey, so I went for the 1lb version of their paste shampoo and a new kind of product for me, the rehydrinse, which is basically a leave-in conditioner.

I’ve never actually used a paste shampoo, so it’s a new concept for me. The product was jelly-like in the container with no discernible scent. The brand recommends using 1 oz for a bath and states that the 1lb container can give you 60 washes, which comes out to .28 cents per wash.

It made Oh So pretty clean with the amount recommended, but I kind of guessed for his tail, and I think less is more! I was rinsing suds out for awhile.

The Rehydrinse is meant to be mixed in a bucket with a gallon of water and is supposed to condition the coat as a post-bath rinse. Wheat protein and almond oil help reduce static and grooming time.

Oh So’s coat felt pretty soft, but I think it also helped bring some residue I missed during his bath to the surface once it dried.

For those in a hurry, a spray on coat conditioner is probably easier than mixing up another bath and sweat scraping, but if your horse has dry skin I think this could be very useful.

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