Back In Business

2014-05-29 18.09.19-1

I got the best news I could have hoped for last week when the vet cleared Oh So to start jumping!

We jumped our first cross rail on Thursday and he was a wild man as expected. It’s hard to describe my feelings after jumping him for the first time in 9 months. I’m overjoyed that we’re back to doing what we love and his enthusiasm clearly hasn’t waned!

It’s been a long, and sometimes frustrating recovery and rehab, but I’m thankful it’s gone according to plan so far with no setbacks and very strong healing according to the ultrasound.

Of course, it’s going to take some getting used to on my end after jumping Bear, who’s pretty quiet and prefers to lope over show jumps. Maybe riding him will help me wait with my upper body on Oh So!

Oh So is also allowed to start trotting up and down hills, so that will make our hacks a little more interesting. He needs to regain the strength in his hind end, so we’ll be working on that over the summer.

If all goes to plan, the vet said we could be back competing in the fall. My goal would be to  do some dressage shows over the summer, maybe by July, and my trainer Lisa wants us to start back by doing a novice or two (Haha! That will be fun holding him back), then we should be able to end the year with training. I don’t want to push to get to prelim this year.

I also took Oh So off property for the first time this weekend. I went to one of my dressage trainer Nicky’s student’s farms about 45 minutes away. He hasn’t been off property since I took him to get his PRP done in September, but he walked right on the trailer and was very well behaved for our flat lesson.

2014-05-31 10.25.50

He was a bit tense, as to be expected, but I think he was happy to be out and was practically grinning the whole time.

So now life starts to get a bit more complicated as Oh So starts to come back in full work and Bear starts competing a bit more. I’m going to try to get Oh So out every other week or so, but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now to take them both together, so my weekends will be full!

I’m preparing to take Bear to his first real event at the Waredaca starter trial on Sunday, so that should be exciting!

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