Product Review: Premier Equine Magnetx Boot Wraps


With Oh So’s recent injury, I decided to look into a new set of magnetic boots. Although I know there’s not a lot of scientific proof that they work, magnets are thought to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. I figure, it couldn’t hurt right? Because I liked Premier Equine’s cross-country boots, I decided I’d give their Magnetx Boot Wraps a try.

I bought a size large for him and they seem to fit well. The boots have a blue pillowy cotton interior and an SMB boot-type exterior made of micro-holed neoprene with stretchy straps to keep them on. The bottom strap cups the fetlock while the three other straps wrap around the front of the leg. It’s important to note that the neoprene doesn’t actually touch the horse’s leg, so if you have a horse with a neoprene allergy or sensitive skin, you should be safe.

The inside of the boots have four magnetic patches and you can shift the boot if you want to target a certain area.

Since the boots are bulky, I wouldn’t want to use them during turnout. Oh So wore them for several hours at a time in his stall and they stayed up nicely and while his leg was warm when I took them off, it wasn’t hot or sweating.

As far as design, the Premier Magnetx Boot Wraps are similar to Back On Track’s Quick Wraps, but are about $10 cheaper.

Premier Equine recommends having your horse wear them for an hour a day and gradually build up the amount of time he wears them.

It’s tough to say whether these boots are helping heal Oh So’s injury faster. I’ve heard people say Back On Track standing wraps have made their horse’s stocked up legs go down in a day, but I don’t think I’m going to see any obvious signs with these boots, or any magnetic boots for that matter.

Despite that, they’re a well-made, reasonably priced set of boots that can be used as another therapeutic tool in your tack box!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Premier Equine Magnetx Boot Wraps

  1. I have never tried magnetic therapies. We used to have a set of rings for my sisters old horses ankles but I don’t think they did anything. I am however a huge believer in back on track. And I’ve used it on myself and can attest to the fact that it does seem to work. 🙂 thanks for the review. I am still always curious about magnetic therapy so this was cool to read.

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