The 2-Week Mark

2013-08-17 08.58.22

We’re approaching the 2-week mark since Oh So’s injury and he’s driving me a little nuts on stall rest. He’s been on reserpine, but that doesn’t seem to have much effect and he’s been kicking the stall and pacing. Thankfully, it’s not constant, but he’s been routinely waking me up at 3am every morning.

I’ve topped it off with Ace, but that wears off in the middle of the night, so I’m going to borrow a friend’s QuitKick and see if it can help. My dad padded his stall with mats because he kicked so hard last weekend that he knocked a hind shoe off.

I decided to take the hind shoes off after that and I’m considering taking the fronts off too. He’s been pretty good hand grazing. All he really wants is to be out, but he just can’t be. We might build him a small paddock tomorrow so he can feel like he’s turned out for an hour or so.

We went down to Woodside Equine Clinic in Ashland yesterday to get the PRP treatment done. Unfortunately, the vet discovered that he had also torn his accessory/check ligament in the right front, and that was actually the worse injury compared to the suspensory strain. She said the accessory ligament injury actually heals faster then the suspensory though, but we’re still looking at the same amount of time, probably 3 months on stall rest to start with.

We got enough blood to make about 5 vials of serum, so the vet injected 1ml into the suspensory and 1ml into the accessory ligament and we have enough leftover for another set of injections if needed. The PRP will help build scaffolding basically to help the injury heal.

I’ll be making an appointment for another ultrasound in about 5 weeks. Oh So got a fluphenazine shot yesterday in hopes of keeping him quiet.

Until then, I’m just hoping we can get through this with no more damage. Lisa is looking for horses for me and I’m hoping I’ll get to start seeing some of them in person soon.

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