Product Review: Standlee Compact Hay Bales and Hay Cubes

Oh So checking out his Standlee Hay.

This past winter, I decided to start feeding Oh So alfalfa cubes because they tend to be less messy and I felt that if I soaked them in warm water, maybe he would get the same feeling I do when I eat a warm bowl of soup!

My local Tractor Supply carried Standlee Hay Company products, so I bought a couple of bags to try.

Standlee Premium Alfalfa cubes were quick to absorb water and puff up, and Oh So dug right in. They’re easily digestible when soaked and with a good scoop and a half each day at lunchtime, Oh So kept his weight on over the winter and into our competition season so far.

This spring, I decided to try some compressed bale hay and alfalfa because they’re easier to travel with. My biggest pet peeve about baled forage is that it can be messy, flaky and heavy.

Oh So enjoying his Standlee alfalfa.
Oh So enjoying his Standlee alfalfa.

I bought Standlee’s baled alfalfa and alfalfa/orchard grass mix for Oh So to try (I even let Sam have some of the alfalfa/orchard mix as a treat).

The bales were still heavy, but they came in a plastic wrap which made things a little less messy. I didn’t notice as much flaky/chaff fall out and both kinds of hay smelled sweet and seemed tasty to the horses.

Standlee takes their alfalfa from the second and third cuttings so it has maximum nutrients. They offer several other products that my local Tractor Supply didn’t carry, including hay cubes and pellets, straw, compress orchard grass and timothy, and wood shavings.

As with any premium packaged forage, the bales came seen pricy at about $18.99 for a 50lb bale of alfalfa, but the quality is such that I think it’s worth it.

I think the cubes are a little more practical for us and a 40lb bag at about $15.00 lasts Oh So a few weeks.

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