Looking ahead


Things are looking a little better with Oh So this week. He feels almost 100%, but I still feel like there’s something going on behind the saddle. After consulting with both of my trainers, we all think he must have tweaked himself in the paddock, so we’re trying a 5-day bute regimen to see if it helps bring down any inflammation. I’m not sure I want to rush419688_10100818499098197_184014323_n back to the vet quite yet, so we’ll see how this goes. So far, he feels ok, but warms up a bit stiff to the left and doesn’t want to work his right hind as well as he can.

I tried using a Dr. Bristol for our flat lesson on Sunday and actually liked it. He still got a bit strong, but he didn’t mess with his tongue. We had some good moments and I think he was trying hard, considering our ride on Saturday was a meltdown after not being able to ride for four days. I entered another dressage show at Morningside this weekend where we’ll do Second 1 and 2, and Nicky is going to be there, so I feel fairly prepared.

DSC_3552Last week was basically a wash because of extremely cold weather and a couple of small snowfalls. I was pretty grouchy about not being able to ride, let alone exercise, so I made do with a stationary bike and an exercise ball.

I had a good ride on Sam on Saturday, but haven’t ridden him since. I’m considering it a mini-vacation due to my schedule, the weather and my energy level. I’m going to try to get on tomorrow, unless we get thunderstorms (in January?).

On Sunday, I attended the CDCTA Awards Banquet at the Fauquier Springs Country Club.  424162_10100815222230067_1474104458_nMy mom came with me so we could celebrate my win and Lisa’s eventing trainer of the year award. I hadn’t been in many years, so it was nice to pick up my huge trophy and ribbon in person and see some friends. The food was great too! We also got our reserve champion ribbon in the mail for USEA Area 2 adult amateur prelim.

I finally got out to a jump lesson today. It was literally 75 degrees, so a little warm, but no complaints from me! We didn’t do anything huge, but he kept a nice rhythm and I didn’t screw it up too much. Lisa casually made a comment about how we would do “a couple of 291106_10100818628683507_1908747615_ointermediates” before our first CCI* this fall, which made me a little bit speechless. Intermediate is certainly not a goal of mine right now- I just want to jump a consistent show jumping round at prelim- but if she thinks we can do it and wants me to go for it, I guess I should. I’ve got the horse who would do anything I asked, I just need to get more fit and get over some mental blocks.

I also had a couple of stories on COTH’s website over the last week. First up is a blog I wrote for our Staff Blog Thursdays about winter riding. The other was a profile on Tracy Brennan, an adult amateur who riders her OTTB in a side-saddle in just about every discipline. She was definitely inspirational.


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