Bad luck, fingers crossed

After a particularly bad week, for reasons which I won’t get into here, my luck has gotten seemingly worse. I’ll start from the beginning-

Last weekend, I took Oh So to another USDF ‘L’ program demo in Doswell, Va. I was hoping to impress riding first level test 1 in front of Janet Foy, a pretty influential judge, and 70 auditors and candidates. But he had other plans. We didn’t have a ton of time to warmup in the indoor, and there was no outdoor, so I wasn’t able to get him where I wanted him. He was tense for the entire test ride and as Janet scored the test while I was riding it, I knew it was accurate. He’s a confirmed first level horse, so to be scoring 6’s, when I know what he’s capable of, was frustrating. Everyone was very complimentary though, and it was an interesting experience, just not the one I’d hoped for.

I had a couple of bad flat and jumping sessions this week before it all culminated on Saturday when Oh So was lame while I was warming up at a dressage show at Morningside. He felt very funky from behind, so I had my mom video us, then I watched it. I couldn’t tell anything immediately from the video, but I knew what I felt was not right, so we scratched.

I gave him some bute yesterday and got on this morning before I was supposed to go to a jump lesson. He felt normal in walk, and trot and canter both felt better, but not 100 percent, so I canceled the lesson.

I’ve been thinking about making an appointment to get his hocks and/or stifles injected before our season starts, so it looks like I’ll be doing that sooner than I thought. I’m hoping that’s all it is, but I’ve never felt him move like this before, even last year when he got his first set of hock and stifle injections. I was hoping to avoid injecting him for as long as possible after my experiences with Sam’s soundness over the years, but if it helps him be more comfortable, I guess I can accept it. So I’ll try to get him down to the vet this week and see what’s up. At least this is happening now and not in the middle of the season.

On an unrelated note, I’m featured on the cover of the latest CDCTA newsletter with a feature article. It was interesting being on the other side of the interview, even though some of the facts were unfortunately wrong in the story. It’s probably the only magazine cover I’ll ever get, so I’ll take it. I was honored to be asked.

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