Morningside Jumper Rounds

I took Oh So to Morningside on Sunday for a couple of practice jumping rounds. It was a pretty frigid weekend, but I think we were both happy to get out and not have to do a dressage test for once! I rode the first round as it was laid out and took one circle in between a related distance because it was either a short five or a long six. For my second round, I made up a course, which ended up meandering a little bit, but he didn’t seem to notice the difference.

We were both pretty relaxed and he was jumping well. We had one rail down in the first round because we got a bit long, but after that, he was waiting for me and stayed focused. I wish we could do this every weekend, but the jumper shows around us barely fill at 3’6″ and go until after dark. It’s hard to get motivated when it’s dark and freezing!

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