My Essentials Part 2

Lickity Bits Bit Spritz

I love this spray for keeping my bits clean and giving my horses a little treat. The company also makes bit wraps that dissolve. I had that idea years ago and used to use a fruit rollup on my mare’s bit because she would stick her tongue out. I wish I’d capitalized on it then!


The Original Bit Butter

Oh So can be quite fussy about his bit, so I put this creamy formula on the corners of his mouth to reduce any friction. It’s a little firmer than Vaseline and smells like frosting, so I love it!



Horse Amour Flavored Bit Wipes

These are similar to the Lickity Bits spray, but I keep them in my trailer to wipe down my bits when I’m traveling. I’m obsessive about clean bits. Would you want a crusty metal thing in your mouth?


Anti-Static Spray

I keep this on hand in the barn for those dry winter days when I’m taking off blankets. Sam is the one most likely to freak out with a static-y blanket, so I spritz this on as I’m sliding it off.



Fly Armor

These were sent to the office this summer for us to try. I grabbed the helmet band, a crown piece band, and a mane and tail band. I have yet to try the latter, but the helmet band fit easily onto my helmet and on trail rides, I feel like there was a reduction in gnats around my face. I felt the same about the crown piece for Oh So and Sam. You have to buy new inserts as the old ones dry out and loose effectiveness, but the company says if you put the inserts back into their resealable packages, they’ll last longer. The only problem is that they’re somewhat messy to put into the bands, so I decided to keep the inserts in the bands, so they dried out faster than they would have if they were in the package. This is an item I think that’s probably not essential, but I think it’s a good idea, so I’ve included it here.



I think most eventers know that this is the best brass/nickle/silver polish there is. A can lasts a whole season and it shines those brow bands, stirrups and fittings well.



Weatherbeeta Wick-Dri Cooler

This is the perfect cooler, especially for Oh So, who runs a bit hot. A normal fleece cooler often makes him sweat more, but sometimes a regular anti-sweat sheet is not enough on really chilly night. This has fleece over the back, but is mesh around his shoulders and on the bottom half of it. It also has minimal straps, which make it easy to put on and take off.

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