Product Review: Kentucky Horsewear Air Tendon Boots

While I await phone calls for my story this week and hide out from Hurricane Sandy, I wrote up another product review. Enjoy!

When the time came for my Eskadron open front boots to retire, I didn’t look far for Oh So’s next pair of boots. I really liked the look of Kentucky Horsewear’s Air Tendon Boots, and although the price tag, at about $140 a pair, is steep, I thought they were worth the investment.

Kentucky Horsewear is a fairly new European brand, so it was tough to shop around for the lowest price. They’re very well-made with a sturdy PU shell and haven’t shown much sign of wear since I bought them at the beginning of the summer. Like many boots on the market today, they have air vents which are supposed to keep the tendon’s cool. And as I said in my review of the Premier Air-Cooled Eventing Boots, I don’t quite buy it, so that was not a deciding factor for me.

I did like the strike guard, which is made of D30, an extremely shock-absorbant material. So far, they haven’t slipped down either, which is a plus.

Kentucky Horsewear also makes a hind fetlock boot to match, but my Eskadron hind boots haven’t quite bit the dust yet!

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