I had a really great lesson on Saturday with Oh So. We tried the pelham with a converter and he really backed off. He was waiting for me, and if he didn’t, I just popped him up a bit a few strides before and he didn’t touch anything. And, he didn’t get too offended during the lesson, so I was really pleased.

I took him for some hill work at Morningside on Sunday, but we got rained on the whole time unfortunately. But we did go in his dressage snaffle and he was listening to me, balancing down the hills, and not flipping his head or pulling.

On Monday night when I got home, his left hind had blown up. I thought it might have been an infection, so I cold hosed it and turned him out. When it didn’t go down overnight and he was lame, I decided to call the vet. She decided it was cellulitis, so I’ve been wrapping, cold hosing and giving him SMZs. It went down about 50% overnight on Tuesday and looks normal today, so I’m going to try a short ride on the flat and see how he feels. He was galloping around the field like a nut last night, so he must be feeling better!

If all goes to plan, we have a jump lesson tomorrow and a combined test at Morningside on Sunday.

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