CDCTA Schooling Show recap

I took Oh So to a schooling show at the Warrenton horse show grounds on Thursday night to try out second level tests 1 and 2. It was only our second time doing second level together and I knew there were a few movements that we didn’t have confirmed, but was surprised when we scored a 61 and 62%. I had expected the marks for our canter work to be higher, and I thought the judge was a bit harsh on some of our trot work.

I kind of got the first test off to a bad start when I lost my stirrup in the medium trot. He got a little upset and shortened his stride the last quarter of the diagonal and leg yielded a bit. I knew I wouldn’t be asking a lot in the mediums yet because I’m still working on sitting it better, but that was unfortunate. It didn’t help the set up to the shoulder in sequence, so I think we scored a bit lower on that than we’re capable of.

Overall, in both tests, the transitions between the medium and collected gaits needed to be better. That’s something we’re working on. I think we have to go for the most part, it’s the comeback that needs work. We’re also working on the canter-walk and walk-canter transitions. He’s still doing one or two trot steps, but is obedient overall, so I can’t complain right now. I think once he gets stronger from behind, the collection will be easier.

Next up for us is Waredaca on Sunday. We’ve had some really good show jumping lessons recently, so I’m hoping for some improvement.

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