My Essentials

I’m a horse and human product junkie, so I thought I’d try to write some reviews from time to time about items I’m using for my horses (and maybe myself once in awhile). I can never leave the tack store without a handful of items like shampoo, boot polish, leather cleaner or the latest grooming tool. I’m also planning on doing reviews of more big ticket items (at least the ones I can afford!) like breastplates, saddle pads and boots.

I thought I’d start with some quick, cheap items that I use regularly. If you have any items you think I should try, let me know in the comments!

Effax Boot Polish

I just got this from Smartpak a couple of weeks ago and tried it on my boots at Seneca. I love Effax products anyways, so I had high hopes for this black polish. It was easy to apply with a squeeze tube and sponge on the end, and after some buffing, my boots looked shiny and new.

Effax Speedy Leather Shine

Another perfect item for the trailer, this boot shiner is quick and easy. It’s embedded with polish and provides a quick shine to any leather item. I’ve only ever used it on boots, but it can be used on tack as well. It lasts forever and is the last thing I grab before I get on at a show.

Horse Shave

Cheap and easy, these little shavers are perfect for when I don’t want to mess with clippers and cords. Sam is especially sensitive and spooky about clippers, so these shavers work great for clipping his muzzle. They can be used to remove bot flies too.

Slick N’Easy Grooming Block

This is a lifesaver during shedding season! I could sit for hours and keep getting hair off Oh So and Sam. To refresh it, you just rub it on concrete, and although it smells a bit like rotten eggs, it really does get the hair out.



I wish I’d had one of these when I was trailering Sam a lot since he likes to spook. I hook this to the metal ring on the outside of my trailer to tie Oh So with. If he pulls back, it just pops open. Genius!



Brush Therapy

A couple of packets of this cleaner and my brushes are sparkling clean.



Tack Up Grip Spray

I’d never tried a sticky spray until last fall at the Virginia Horse Trials. I was feeling a bit nervous before Oh So’s first prelim, so I sprayed a bit of this on the inside of my boots, and I now I can’t live without it. It really does make a difference, and it comes off easily!


Nunn Finer American Style No-Turn Bell Boot

I tried these out earlier this year when my previous pair of no-turn bell boots died. True to their name, they don’t turn, and they fit quite well. I’ve recently found another kind of no-turn bell boot with a strike plate in them that I’d like to try, but Oh So doesn’t have a huge problem with overreaching, so whenever these boots kick it (which I think will be awhile), I’ll  have to try them.

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