Back from Rolex

I’m back from a beautiful weekend at Rolex. It was my first time back since 2005, besides WEG in 2010, and a lot has changed. The course was generally in the same direction and I was able to see most of it as the day went on.

The cross-country was pretty chaotic with only 30 horses completing. Some of the pairs I was rooting for like Becky and Comet and Clark Montgomery and Loughan Glen didn’t make it around, but I was still able to see some top class riding from Boyd Martin, Andrew Nicholson, Andrew Hoy and of course, William Fox-Pitt.

Friday Dressage photos
Saturday Cross-Country photos
Sunday Jog and Show Jumping photos

I got back late Sunday and am now preparing for MCTA horse trials this weekend. Oh So felt good yesterday on the flat and we did some baby jumps and went for a hack today. Tomorrow I’m taking him up to Middleburg to hang out for the day and we’ll do a  jump lesson in the evening.

Sam had the week off last week because I was pretty busy and he hadn’t been feeling good on the flat. I rode him yesterday and today and had two of the best rides in months. He was soft in his mouth and wanted to stretch, even in warmup. The canter was another story. He doesn’t really want to stay in left canter, so I didn’t push it.

Now it’s on to MCTA and Spain next Friday. I can’t believe it’s happening so soon!

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