Heading to Southern Pines

The past few weeks have been quite busy getting ready for Southern Pines, working, and doing a bit of writing. Let me backtrack…

I took Oh So cross-country schooling at Gordonsdale a couple of weeks ago. The footing was as good as it’s going to get for February, so we went for it. He was very hung-ho and jumped everything positively. Even I was pretty perfect for once! We dropped off a log into water a few times in a row to get him confident again (since we haven’t done it in awhile) and let him have a good gallop. It would have been nice to have one more school before this weekend, but it would have been more for me to get back in the groove. I do feel more confident than I have in the past at the beginning of the season, probably because of the great round we had last October at Lexington and the positive school at Rubicon over prelim things. Hopefully this weekend will be a walk in the park!

On Sunday we went to a dressage schooling show. It was almost 2 hours away in Md., but it was literally the only place offering a schooling show in a two hour radius. I’m really feeling the loss of Morven Park’s shows.

Within the first five minutes in the warmup, someone got bucked off a young horse and it went running around the indoor. That wasn’t the greatest start, but it only took about 10 minutes to get Oh So back. We rode Training B and Prelim B and scored a 30 and a 31 with a lot of 8’s, so overall it was a good warmup for the season.

We’re heading to SP tomorrow morning. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive so I’ll update when I get back!

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