Bucket List

Eventing Nation had a good topic up last week about bucket lists for equestrians. They asked people to name the things they wanted to do with horses, other than eventing, before they died. I decided to make my own list, but I’ve included eventing things too. I think some could be attainable this year if Oh So and I work hard. It’s a modest list, but I don’t have huge aspirations. As a perfectionist, I’m more interested in seeing and feeling the results in my riding, so no horse diving or steeplechasing on my list.

  • Finish on my dressage score at prelim. Heck, finishing on my dressage score at training level more would be nice too! At prelim, it never happened for me because of Sam’s lack of respect for the colored poles!
  • Complete a CCI*. It could be long format, or short format, but I want to experience dressing up for the jog and learning the FEI ropes. Of course, Oh So would suit the long format and I think the steeplechase would help me open up more than him.
  • Earn a USDF medal. My dream would be to have a prelim/intermediate event horse and a horse capable of FEI levels in dressage. I want a big warmblood so I can feel that powerful movement and so I can perfect my upper level work and finesse my aids with a double bridle.
  • See an event/show in England (Burghley, Badminton, etc). It almost happened in 2007 when I visited the U.K., but the event got rained out. In truth, I’d love to just live in England or Ireland. I’m an Anglophile at heart and I’m obsessed with their culture, scenery, history and equine scene.
  • Spend a winter down South. I keep hearing about how much fun everyone is having down there this time of year, so if I could afford it, I’d love to go.
  • Swim with my horse. I’m kind of scared to try it, but I want to go swimming with either of my horses. Sam has gone to the equine pool before, so I sort of know how he would react, and I know Oh So would go in because he loves water, but after that? Morningside has a lake that people can take their horses to and they had clinics last year on how to swim with your horse, so I might have to sign up!
  • Train another OTTB. I’ve learned a lot with Oh So, and I’m still learning, so to be able to apply that to my next horse would be fun.
In other news, I’ve gone to a few concerts in the last few weeks. More than I have in recent months at least. I saw Jack’s Mannequin on Friday night at the 9:30 Club. The lighting was amazing for photos and there was only one other photographer, so that was great. Andrew McMahon is just so amazing. He’s been through hell and back surviving leukemia and it shows. He seems to happy to be up on stage and the band always sounds so good live. I’m glad I got to see them because I’ve heard they’re going into hiding for awhile after this tour.
Last night I saw The Cab at Baltimore Sound Stage. It was a pretty nice venue and the lighting was quite good for the space, but there were over a dozen photographers! I’m not sure how that happened, but most of them weren’t even shooting for a media outlet and shouldn’t have been there. I just grin and bear it, but I honestly couldn’t move in the pit. I’ll try to get all of those photos up this week.
Also, Oh So’s 12th birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated with an extra carrot and a ride in the freezing cold and wind!

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