Happy New Year!

Well, another year has come and gone. 2011 was a growing year for me. I started with two extra months at my internship at The Chronicle, then immediately started a part-time job at the National Sporting Library. I kept busy all summer and fall with that, plus GRC on the weekends and some freelancing for COTH and USEA.

Once things slowed down this December, I finally had an “oh shit” moment, where I realized I had no other jobs lined up. Since then I’ve been applying to a lot of things, but no calls yet. It’s frustrating, but I’m trying to stay positive that 2012 will be my year. I’m really getting the urge to travel, but I need a full time job first.

On a riding level, I moved Oh So up to prelim after a decent season at training level. Everyone in the barn stayed healthy, sound a happy, which is the most important thing. Sam is still slowing down, little by little. It can be frustrating, but I have to remember that I’m still able to ride him at all. He turned 18 today and is still full of life (and still spooking)  even though he’s a bit stiff and creaky.

Here’s some photos from my first ride of the new year!

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