VA Horse Trials photos

Here are some photos that I bought from Brant Gamma of our prelim debut! Ignore my position and ohh and ahh over the fact that we’re jumping around a prelim course!

I’ve had a pretty busy week with a lot things not having to do with horses for once. I had a job interview which I think went alright, then my Macbook Pro died, so I spent this afternoon driving up to Fair Oaks Mall to the Apple Store. It’s going to be gone for a few days, so I’m stuck on a PC (yuck!).

Last night I went to see Immortals in 3D with my brother. Neither of us had ever seen a 3D movie, so it was pretty cool. It really felt like you were there in the room with the characters, especially when they showed sweeping views of cliffs. I thought I was going to fall over the edge! Of course, the movie was pretty terrible. I’m a fan of Henry Cavill, and he’s definitely better than the material of that movie. Oh well, it was nice eye candy!

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