Kelly’s Ford recap

I wrote a quick recap of Kelly’s Ford’s newly-recogized event for Eventing Nation. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I’m glad we’ve got a new USEA event, especially one so close to me!

Here are some more photos.

I’ve had a pretty quiet week. I took Oh So schooling at Rubicon and he couldn’t have been more perfect. Usually I mess something up when we school, but we were both on and did some a lot of the prelim questions on course. We never get to practice “log on a lumps”, so we popped over the prelim one a few times. We also did the training bank combination and a prelim drop into water. I’ve also had some really good flat sessions with him. For whatever reason, we’ve had four good days in a row with no tension, so I can’t complain! I was doing trot half passes in sitting trot, so you know it was good!

I had a short day today at Loch Moy, just shooting the Intro and Elementary division. They ran two cross-country courses and two stadium courses at once, which was interesting, but it seemed to work.

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