Fair Hill International

I had a wonderful weekend at the Dansko Fair Hill International CCI***. I was asked last minute to help the Chronicle with some photos on Saturday, so I worked for GRC Friday and Sunday and simultaneously for both on Saturday. On Friday I shot the Young Event Horse Championships. I’m also writing a story for COTH which should be in next week’s issue. There were only about 10-15 horses per class, so it went quickly. The day started out mild, but when we had four horses left, a big thunderstorm came and they held the rest of the horses until after lunch.

I shot dressage for the rest of the afternoon, but it poured rain for most of it. It was miserable! But, it’s not Fair Hill unless it rains at least one day. I sat in on the press conference too which is always interesting.

Cross-country day was gorgeous and reminded me again of why I love Fair Hill so much. The footing dried out throughout the day and only a few people withdrew. It was a safe day for the sport with only a few rider falls.

On Sunday, I got some shots of the jog, then the CCI** show jumped. I was really happy with how my photos came out. I was playing around with a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 300mm fixed. Boyd Martin won for the second time in the CCI***. It was a great story, considering the horse was retired from upper level competition a few years ago. Here’s a link to the COTH coverage featuring some of my photos.

I had a good dressage lesson last week and will jump Oh So this week. We have Waredaca on Saturday, then our prelim debut next weekend at Lexington!

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