A hectic few days

It’s been a stressful 48 hours at home. I took Oh So for a gallop and jump lesson on Monday and he went very well. I had an early dressage lesson on Tuesday and he was acting weird after we rode. He was trying to pee a lot, so I gave him some Banamine. He ate his breakfast but showed no interest in his lunch or dinner.

I decided to call the vet because he pawed a couple of times as well. She decided it was a minor impaction colic because some of his poop was a bit dry and because of his lack of appetite and odd peeing cycle. She tubed him to get things moving and I kept him in on Tuesday night to moniter poops and hay intake. He had good poops yesterday morning and was readily eating his hay. He even wanted his breakfast. Unfortunately a different vet from the same practice had to come do the recheck because we had the emergency vet come the night before since it was after hours.

The vet yesterday wanted to tube him again because she still felt some impaction in his rectum. In my mind, he didn’t need to be tubed again since he was eating, pooping and acting normal, but I decided it was better safe then sorry. I turned him out for a few hours last night and hand grazed him this morning. He also had a bit of grain and seems back to normal. I think the vet was being a bit cautious. So I think we’ll be alright to go to Lexington this weekend. I’m going to try hacking him today, but I’m guessing he’ll feel fine.

Sam is still a bit off, but he has heart-bar shoes now so hopefully after this weekend he’ll be 100% sound. I can’t believe he’s had almost three weeks off. Right now on the lunge line he trots with a slight head bob to the left, but I think it’s because the farrier’s third inside nail was a bit too close. We took it out immediately after he tried clinching it, but I think it’s still sore.

So, fingers crossed that Oh So it better by tomorrow!

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