Close call

Tobacco barn in front of Morven Park's vet clinic.

I took Sam up to Morven Park’s clinic today to get his lameness checked out. Luckily, it was only a sore right front hoof. I’m really surprised that my farrier didn’t get any sensitivity to the hoof testers last week. Today he was extremely sore all around the right front foot. The vet said his heels were too low and underrrun. He’s also at the end of his cycle and is due to get shod this week. It’s just really tough when this was what he saw. My farrier has done a great job of shaping his different sized feet and getting his heels up as much as we can, but they looked terrible today. So, the vet recommended bar shoes, which we’ve done before. He might just have to live in them so he can have the support. So, the farrier is ordering the shoes today and will be here on Friday to put them on. Until then, I’ve wrapping him with Epsom salt poultice.

Tomorrow I’m taking Oh So to my dressage trainer’s farm for a lesson and to have a third opinion on my saddles. Hopefully then I can get started finding a new jump saddle.

My story about tack cleaning was featured on the front page of The Chronicle of the Horse today.

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