Cross-country schooling

I had a busy day this Easter Sunday. I rode Oh So this morning on the flat. He had a bit of a weird day yesterday. My dressage trainer thinks I need to start riding with a whip, so I tried it out. I think he was a bit tense about it and I was tense about him being tense so it wasn’t the best ride, but I pushed through and rode with it. He earned himself another flat day today and was much better. I sat the trot and bit and tried some shoulder-in, 10m circle, travers on the longside and he accepted it quite well. I took some spring photos of him when I was done riding, but I don’t think they came out well. He was kind of shiny and sweaty.

I also took Sam to a local schooling facility to jump around. The footing wasn’t perfect because of all the rain and we didn’t have studs, but he’s been doing this for so long that he was very sure-footed. I didn’t jump anything too huge and he was raring to go! The last time I took him out last fall he was pretty spooky and I had to ride a bit defensively, but this time he was really attacking. He dropped

Sam was quite proud of himself after his cross-country school.

into the water, jumped ditches, skinnies and some things in the quarry and was having a blast. My mom rode Lad around too since he hasn’t been out for a ride since last fall.

I also took some photos of the minis but those need some editing before I post them. I’ve got a busy week trying to fit in dressage lessons, a jump school with Oh So, the saddle fitter for Oh So, possibly working at Loudon on Saturday and riding at Loudon on Sunday.

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