Sheddin’ Out

It’s shedding season, and I have to say, Oh So gets pretty ugly! He’s technically a dark bay, but in the late summer and fall, he turns a beautiful, deep black. You only have to look at my photos to see how he transforms every year. This time of year, because of his blanket clip, he turns chestnut-y brown on his back and sides, while the black hair grows in on his neck and any clipped part. His hindquarters turn a bay-black and his tail gets some brown streaks in it. I took some photos on Friday at my lesson to illustrate. It’s really quite obscure.

I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced my mom’s horse Lad. Here’s a photo I took of him last week. He’s a Missouri Fox Trotter. She enjoys his gaits because they’re comfortable for trail riding. Unfortunately he foundered two summer ago, so we’ve been battling with that ever since. He has to live in a small dirt paddock from March-October, and he’s not happy about it! But, he has Toppers and Rocky to hang with next door. They’ll be going on their muzzles soon.

In other news, I got decent ride times for Morven tomorrow. I do dressage at 11:09, stadium at 12:15 and cross-country at 12:41. It will be an early morning, but at least I’ll be done quickly. We’ve had a lot of rain, so I hope the cross-country footing holds up.

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