Random musings

This about sums up what Sam thinks of Oh So’s antics!

Well, I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, as expected. Luckily the snow melted and the ring was never even frozen, so I rode Sam a bit. He feels really good from behind, like the hock injections were almost instant relief. He also promptly came in with a huge gash on the underside of his cheek which began to swell as the day went on. What next…

Toppers still loves to jump.

I’ve found it really interesting as he and Toppers get older. Toppers is the resident old man (he’s almost 20), and hasn’t shown much evidence of slowing down. The only sign I get is that he cross canters a bit when I lunge him, and jumping the higher fences seems to have become more of an effort. He still loves to jump though. With Sam, I’ve noticed that he lays down more frequently outside. He’s always liked to sleep outside instead of in the stall, but I notice him lay down for a few minutes, get up, change sides and lay down again, then lay down in another part of the paddock later in the day. It’s like he can’t get comfortable. He also seems to have no patience for Oh So (well, he never really did) and he won’t really get galloping or excited very much anymore (which is definitely a good thing. No lost shoes!). Sam and Toppers both seem to know when they want to come in and don’t tolerate the weather as much anymore. When Sam is ready to come in, he’s ready and waiting by the gait; same with Toppers.

Other random things:

  • I changed the layout of the blog a bit. The header photo is from Woodside Horse Park in Woodside, Calif. It doesn’t quite represent where I event, but I thought I’d try to take a landscape photo at each event I go to this year and change it up a bit.
  • Besides horses, music and photography, I’m also a huge television fanatic. I love shows like Friday Night Lights, Conan, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and any NBC comedy. But my biggest television passion/indulgence is anything British. I’m a self-proclaimed Anglophile, so much so that I one day dream of marrying a British or Irish man! I love the culture, the accent and the history. I’m pretty obsessed with finding mini-series and movies on Netflix. My favorites are generally featured on Masterpiece Theater and BBC (like Emma, Pride and Prejudice, mostly Jane Austen/early 19th century romance). But this spring, there are a few British mini-series coming out that have me really excited. Camelot and Game of Thrones are going to be awesome. And Mildred Pierce starts tonight on HBO, which stars a Brit, but is set in America. I’m also dying to see the new adaptation of Jane Eyre which is out in select theaters, but not any near me! I’m a huge fan of the 2006 mini-series starring Toby Stephens and I’m afraid this version might not live up to my expectations. But generally anything put out by Focus Features has my attention.
  • Morven Park is this coming weekend, and the weather forecast is up in the air. It has snowed at Morven in the past. I’m not sure we’re going to get that, but I am concerned about the footing. We’ve had quite a bit of rain.
  • My review for ThinLine Reins is out now in the Chronicle Connection. I’ll get the text typed up later, but for now, here’s a screencap. I took the photo, and I think the designer did a great job.

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