Just in time for my last preparations before Morven, and there’s snow in the forecast! It was 75 degrees a week ago. I wanted to take Oh So for a cross-country school on Sunday, but I guess that won’t be happening.

I had a jump lesson today and we rode in his dressage bit, a single-joint snaffle., just to be on the safe side. He was a bit strong on landing, but the actual jumps were quite good. We did a two-stride and he really waited in between. So I guess I didn’t scare him off too much last week! We also had a good flat lesson yesterday. As expected, he was like a truck in the beginning because of the week riding in a hackamore. But about 3/4 of the way through the lesson, he remembered what a half halt was and we had some very nice trot lengthenings.

As a side note, I’ve added two new sections to the blog. One is for book reviews and one is for product reviews. I did both for the Chronicle and enjoyed it, so I figured I’d try to do some more. I’ll post them as I get them done.

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