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Southern Pines video –

Southern Pines Photos

Here are a few links to some of my recent work. I’m going to be actively contributing to the USEA Blog and/or magazine in the coming months, so I’ll try to post links/scans of stories.

Free Rein With Larry Langer (COTH)

Southern Pines Photos (USEA Blog)

I was also featured in my local Virginia Dressage Association chapter’s newsletter. I joined thinking I could try to qualify for a year-end award with Sam, but I’ll have to see how he goes this year.

I took both horses to get their teeth done on Monday. Last Friday Oh So had a meltdown during a jumping lesson. He stopped, backed up, refused to go forward. It hasn’t happened in a long time, so it was surprising. From the ground, my trainer said it looked like he was mad that he wasn’t getting his way, then was getting frustrated for being mad. He ended up biting the inside of his cheek, so I’ve been riding him in a hackamore for the past week so I can give it time to heal. He didn’t really have any seriously sharp points, but his meltdown may have been caused by pain.

Riding in the hackamore has been interesting. He goes fine for the first 20 minutes or so. Then I take a walk break and he figures out that he doesn’t have a bit in his mouth and starts to take advantage. Turning and bending is difficult obviously, but I tried popping over a few jumps yesterday and it was like trying to hold back an elephant! He just barreled into the hackamore and my hand. I was riding on pure strength and not using my leg. So, we didn’t jump for too long, and actually had some nice fences in trot, then I quit while I still had some resemblance of control! It’s safe to say that a hackamore is not a an option for Oh So.

While I was at the vet, Sam had a lameness exam. He’s been gradually getting lamer from behind, so I figured it was time for hock injections. He was sensitive from his hocks to his stifles and over his back, but the vet determined it was just pain radiating from the arthritic hocks. We decided to go with a steroid injection for now and see how it goes over the next month. If it’s not getting any better, I might consider an ethyl alcohol treatment that facilitates the fusing of his hock joints. I’m going to get a second opinion first though. He trotted well this morning, so I’m going to take it easy this week, the introduce some cantering next week.

I scratched Oh So from a combined test this weekend to give his mouth time to heal. Morven is next weekend, so I don’t want to take any chances.

In other news from my life, I went to a concert in Baltimore on Saturday night. It was Go Radio and Valencia, two of my favorite bands. I haven’t been to a concert since last fall because I’ve been consumed with the COTH internship and riding/competing. It felt good to get out again. I really love live music photography. It just seems that none of the bands I like have been touring!

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