Winter Blues


We got another snow storm here in Virginia; the biggest of the season. The ring is still covered, so I went to an indoor yesterday with Oh So and had a flat lesson with Heidi. It was a little chaotic. The minute I showed up, four other trailers pulled in and a group hunter lesson with six riders started. Luckily, the trainer was very nice and willing to accommodate. They stayed on one end, and we had one end. But it was still a little unnerving for Oh So, who hadn’t been ridden for three days and had to deal with 6 horses cantering around in a circle and jumping. He hates the sound when a horse hits a pole. But he gradually calmed down and once we did some canter work with lengthenings, he had a better trot before we finished.

I came home and had time to ride Sam, but only a hack up the road. The dirt road we usually ride on was still a bit icy on a small incline, so my mom and I walked back and forth between that road and another driveway right next to it. It was boring, and the neighbors probably thought we were crazy, but we got them out! I’ll be doing that today with Oh So, and taking Sam to a local indoor. He hasn’t done any trotting since Tuesday! I hate winter!

In other news, I entered Southern Pines horse trials in March. Hopefully we can get out to school cross country once or twice before then. We did Morven Park last year with only one school, so I think we’ll be alright.

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