Jumping bootcamp

Oh So and I had a jumping bootcamp this weekend with my jumping trainer. We went two days in a row and he was very good for both days. It was very cold and windy both days, which really made it bone-chilling. We were crazy and rode outside on Saturday, which was less windy, but about 28 degrees. Surprisingly, the footing at the arena we went to was very good. We did a double bounce a few times and he was very quiet and kept a steady rhythm, which is what we’re really looking for. He was using his shoulders well and getting his knees up. We also cantered a few fences, working on me sitting in the tack, but not driving him with my seat. It was all very steady and he didn’t run after the fences like he sometimes can.

On Sunday, we went to an indoor. It got busy with four other horses coming in when we started jumping, but it was good for him to work in that kind of environment.We cantered to a bounce to a bending three strides to a vertical and had some smooth turns. We did it backwards as well. We also did a vertical, bending four strides to a wall she built with some flower boxes. We finished by cantering an oxer with a ground pole, really concentrating on my position at takeoff.

Overall, he was steady, rhythmical and quiet both days, which is a big thing for him. He tends to build as he goes along, but this weekend he kept it together. Now we just need to do that in a competition.

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