Morven Schooling Show

Well, Sunday was quite exhausting, but I made it through my second level debut. With Sam, we got a 66.3% on first level 4 and with one error (forgot a circle!) we got a 62% on second level 1. The judge really liked his counter canter work; we got all 8’s! He also scored well on his lateral work. He got a bit tired by the second test, so he broke to trot before the canter-walk transistions. The only other thing we need to work on (as always) are the trot and canter lengthenings and the transistions back. So overall, a very good start.

Oh So was decent in the warmup, but as usual, a jerk in the ring. I made him halt a few times and made some extra circles, but that really didn’t make him any less tense. I actually sat the trot a bit in the second test, which helped some. We’ll keep plugging away…

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