Cross country schooling

I had a really fabulous schooling with Oh So today. We haven’t been out in about a month, so he was raring to go. We had a good gallop up a very steep hill. Then we just started right in with the jumping. He bounded over the first couple of logs, then dropped right into the water without blinking an eye. We did a half coffin, trekehner, ditches, banks and a bank out of water over a log. He was really amazing with it all, like he’s done it yesterday. I’m really confident for VA Horse Trials next weekend.

My trainer commented that he was at his playground today and was so excited to be out. I was grinning and laughing the whole time. It was really fun.

I also had a good flat lesson on him yesterday. He’s really been wanting to stretch a lot in the warm up, so I just go with it. I’ve also been able to make more demands on him, like half pass and counter leg yields in trot, without him freaking out. And if he does get tense, he comes back a lot sooner.

Sam also had a good lesson. He was stretching and I asked for a bit more bend and flexion for a few strides at a time, then let his neck out. It seemed to supple him a lot faster than doing endless lateral work.

I will try to update the blog this weekend with photos from all four of my trips. I just need to run some errands and take Oh So for one last gallop!

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