Fair Hill

I’m off to my favorite event, Fair Hill, tomorrow. It’s the first time in a long time that I will miss the dressage. But I will be up there tomorrow to check out the cross country, then I’ll be shooting on Saturday and Sunday. I’m also writing a story about the Young Event Horse Championship for COTH.

I will have photos soon of all my trips. I went to San Jose, Ca. this past weekend for the Western Adult Team Championships. I haven’t even begun to look at my WEG photos. There are hundreds.

Oh So has been going well. My dressage trainer has been riding him on weekends, and I can really see a difference. I also think that the time we’ve had apart has helped. I’m not obsessing so much when I ride (especially on the flat) and he is staying so much more relaxed. I actually had a decent ride over fences with him yesterday at home, which hardly ever happens. He trotted quietly into a gymnastic line, and kept his cool.

Sam has also been going well with his amateur rider. I ride him a few times a week as well. I’m planning on maybe taking both of them to a Morven Park dressage schooling show in November and December. I might even try a second level test with Sam.

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