Home (for a few days)

Well, WEG came and went so fast! I took a couple thousand photos that I now have to sort through. We had nosebleed seats for show jumping, but I moved down to the front for the last 10 rides or so and got some better photos. I was able to bring in my 80-400mm lens, so i think I got some good stuff.

Now I’m home for a few days before leaving for California for the ATC West at Woodside Horse Park. And after that is Fair Hill, my favorite event! I love the fall weather and I always treat the event like my little vacation. Of course, this year I’m working for The Chronicle, so that should be doubly fun.

Oh So went to dressage boot camp while I was gone at WEG. My trainer came and rode him for about four days in a row. She said she had some really good work, and that’s surprising considering he usually objects when another rider gets on. Actually, she’s the only one who’s ridden him besides me since I got him three years ago.

Speaking of that, it was our three year anniversary the last weekend of September. I can’t believe I’ve had him that long!

Since I’ve been traveling, I have missed a couple of events. I’ll be competing at VA Horse Trials and Rubicon at the end of October/November. Then we’ll tentatively spend the winter working towards prelim.

Sam is doing well being ridden by one of my trainer’s students while I’m gone. She also rides him a couple of times a week. I think the partnership is working out really well.

The Minis are getting fat and hairy since I don’t have a ton of time to exercise them. Everyone is going to need a clip job in the next couple of weeks I think.

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