Another busy weekend

Last weekend was the final free weekend I’ll have until November. I’m always busy in the fall, but with the COTH internship, I’ll be really busy! This weekend I’m working at the Kelly’s Ford unrecognized horse trial. It’s really close to where I live, so I’m happy that the drive will be easy. On Sunday, I’m taking Sam to another dressage schooling show to try First Level again.

On Monday, I’m headed up to Middleburg for an orientation at COTH. I think this will ease my anxiety about the scheduling. I’ve already found out that two of the events I planned on attending are on weekends when I will be traveling for COTH. So that puts a little damper on my plans for Oh So, but I need to get some sort of career experience going. So my trainer and I have picked a few combined tests to fill in the gaps in my schedule.

Today was a drizzly, wet day. But I took Sam to a local schooling facility called Morningside to school cross country. He hasn’t been out for awhile to jump, so he was very spooky. He stopped at a small ditch, but I think I was riding for the stop a little. He did everything fine after that. We did a log and bank into water, and some other novice/BN jumps. It was a good outing overall.

I had a lunge lesson on Oh So on Thursday. We haven’t tried it for awhile, but he’s getting more confirmed in his lunging, so I was able to drop my stirrups and reins and get a good feel for the sitting trot. And he accepted me sitting.

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