A quiet weekend

I’m having a fairly quiet weekend so far. I took Sam up to a local dressage schooling show this morning and rode First Level tests 3 and 4. The ring was in a giant indoor, and he was being his usual spooky self for the first test. As a result, our score was a 60.57%. We had a quick break, and I went back to the warmup to touch base with some counter canter loops and then did test 4. We got a 65% and won the First Level test of choice class, so that was good. 2 percent higher than our last outing! I still need to go for it a little more in the trot and canter lengthenings, but everything else was pretty accurate. He even got an 8 for his free walk.

It was stinking hot again today. Right now, it’s over 100 degrees, and it barely got down to 80 overnight, so it was streamy this morning. I think we were both feeling the heat. I feel like I could have ridden better. We’ll try again next month!

Tomorrow I’m headed to a doctor’s appointment. I’ve been having a pain in my stomach, sort of like a cramp, and I think it’s a pulled muscle. It hurts to bend or kneel. So I’ve been hanging out on the couch for most afternoons after I ride and editing Warped Tour photos. Some are up now at Avoid the Scene.

I’m getting pretty excited and nervous for my internship coming up at the Chronicle. I’m worried I won’t have time or energy to ride both horses most days. The schedule is somewhat flexible, so that gives me hope. I also need to go shopping soon for some “work appropriate” clothes. Most of the time, I just wear jeans and a band t-shirt. But I need to get a nice pair of khakis, some jeans without holes or tears in them, and some flattering tops.

I had to miss my lesson with Oh So this week because of my stomach issue, but I’m probably going to do a show jumping lesson on Monday and maybe go back up to MD HT’s at Loch Moy to school the competition course on Wednesday. Thursday-Saturday, I’m headed down to the VA Horse Center to work with GRC at the Pony Club Championships.

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