First Level

So, last week was an exciting one for Sam. I had a free day, so I took him cross country schooling. I didn’t ask him to flat out gallop on the hilly galloping track. Mostly because I didn’t want him to lose a shoe! I popped over some novice-sized things and went down a bank into water twice. He really hasn’t forgotten a thing, and I think he really enjoys it. I felt like I could go out and confidently jump a training course, as if he hadn’t been retired (from eventing) for over a year. He was quite puffy though. We definitely need to do some fitness work.

On Saturday, we took him to a local schooling show. The warmup footing was a bit hard, but the competition ring was nice. In First Level test 3, I had a mistake! I thought it I was going to make one, it would be in test 4. We ended up with a 60.28%, which is fine. I wanted to break 60, and his trot and canter lengthenings will always be our downfall.

Test 4 was good. We got a 63%. I put spurs on for it, and had a little more “go” for the lengthenings. I came back to the track a little early at the end before the stretchy circle, so that made the stretchy circle not as prepared as it could have been. Overall, a good start for my first time back in a large ring in many years.

Today I’m taking Sam to have a jump lesson with my trainer. We haven’t worked with her for over a year (I always take Oh So), so it will be fun to have a refresher.

First Level Test 3

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