Photos, etc.

GRC posted photos from Rubicon this past weekend. Here are mine. I’m still disgusted by my position in some shots, but he looks good!

I’m competing at Seneca Valley horse trials on Saturday. I’ve actually never done their training course before. I never went with Sam for some reason, but I have schooled a lot of their training/prelim stuff. I’ve gone beginner novice and novice with Oh So, and it’s a nice flat, open course for the most part. Sometimes it goes into the woods, but last spring it was so wet, that they took off a loop on the training and novice courses that went through the woods.

It’s supposed to be hot and humid and I don’t even start my dressage until 2:30. I go cross country after 5pm, so it will be a long day. After this one, we’re not doing anything until MD horse trials in July, then I need to plan out my fall schedule. My trainer called me up today and suggested that we do the training 3-day at Waredaca this fall. I’ve done it once with Sam, and it was fun. But it ALWAYS rains on that weekend! Two more of her students are going to make it a goal as well, so it would be fun to have the camaraderie. Oh So is definitely a long-format horse. I think he would love it.

I had good lessons on both today. With Oh So, we worked a little on counter-canter loops and free-walk to medium walk. With Sam, we worked on a few flying changes, because my trainer said he felt very crooked last week when she rode him. We leg yielded a bit in the opposite direction of the change, and he had good, clean changes.

I’m trailering out for a jump lesson tomorrow with Oh So. I might take Sam if it’s not too hot. He needs to get out. I think we’re both uninspired. I might take him cross country schooling next week. We also have a little schooling show coming up next weekend where we’ll try our hand at 1st level.

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