Schooling and packing

Yesterday, I was finally able to get Oh So out for a quick schooling. I went to a small schooling course in Middleburg that is not well known. It is on the side of a huge hill, so he got his workout! We only jumped about 10 jumps because it was a little slick, but also because he was so good. We jumped a chevron and a little sunken road and he didn’t bat an eye. We did a decent sized log into water, and he just skimmed right over the top of it. It was exactly what we’ve been waiting for him to do. He just acted so calm, like it was just routine to step over the log into water. He also stepped down a double step bank easily.

Today, I’m getting ready for Lexington. My hands are tired from all the brass I’ve been polishing! I’m also pretty tired after driving to the cross country schooling yesterday, and then driving down to Richmond to see The Higher.

I had a decent dressage lesson this morning. We worked in walk and trot on shoulder-in, to half pass, to leg yielding back to the track. I also had a jump lesson with Sam. We tied my stirrups to the girth to keep my leg in place. I need to practice like that for awhile to stabilize my leg.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Lexington after I ride Sam. I have to walk my cross country course because I’m doing cross country after dressage on Saturday. Like the old days! Oh So has never done an event in that order, so it will be interesting. But I feel confident in our preparation for cross country.

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