So, this weekend I went to DC to see comedian Christian Finnegan with my brother. I bought the tickets in December, and the show was rescheduled twice, so it was nice to finely get there. He did a lot of new material, which was nice.

On Sunday, my mom and I went up to Morven Park for a historic trail ride with Sam and her horse Lad. I took my camera along and got some photos, but they are not perfectly composed because I was holding it one-handed while riding! Here are some photos.

Sam and Lad freaked out at a donkey that was being ridden by a lady. Sam wanted to jump the cross country fences we passed, and it was so tempting! The ride went all around the property through the cross country courses and ended in front of the mansion. We got to stare down into the famous Leaf Pit on the advanced course. It doesn’t look so bad when you’re on a horse. There were also Civil War re-enactors lecturing about the significance of the property during the 1860’s.

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