Well, I’m officially done with my exams, and with college! Except for graduation of course. I’ve had a busy week, and I now I’m going to have an even busier weekend.

On Thursday, I saw Angels and Airwaves at 9:30 Club in D.C. They always put on an amazing show, but they are a photographer’s nightmare because of their crazy light show. There were strobes and spotlights and darkness, which makes for a great show, but not great photos. I did what I could, so I will have those up sometime next week.

Today, I’m headed up to see comedian Christian Finnegan at the DC Improv with my brother. And tomorrow, I’m headed up to Morven Park in Leesburg for a historic trail ride with my mom and Sam.

For now, I’m off to ride Sam and Oh So and exercise the minis..

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